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Doxford House 1st ever investigation

for the curious, believer and spiritual
Speilberg / Ralph Keeton USA
Doxford House

"Grade 2 listed building - a 1st"

Ghostly sightings and a problem...Asked to go in by the G.H.O.S.T. investigation team. Ralph picks up on strange goings on all over the house.

ghostly welcome or not?

Doxford House formally Silksworth Hall has now a presence thats unexplained. The current owners do not know what is going on "I've two fully grown alsation guard dogs and they simply won't enter the house, the workmen will only work in daylight and then one has to stand guard EVEN in daylight" one explained.

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The estate was once part of the Silksworth Hall, Manor and lands owned by the Robinson family. The history of the Robinson estate can be found in Surtees book ‘The History of County Durham’. In 1775 a mansion house at Silksworth, with fine moulded ceilings was built. The property was tried to be let according to an advert in Newcastle papers in 1783. But the owner left the property to a friend and lawyer of Durham.

ghost investigation doxford ralph keeton

Today the property takes it's name from a previous owner who eventually left it to his sister. After her death it was bought by the present owners, who seem a litte reluctant to try out a medium. Why you ask? For thats the nature of such a home, it is reported that the past owners are said to return and in fact have been sighted on many different occassions. Today's owners are reluctant to go in after certain hours and then the two alsation guard dogs will not roam the home.

ghost investigation doxford ralph keeton

Being invited in to look around and infact asked to stay over night to see what was really going on Ralph took up the challenge well. In fact he works with the professional team called 'G.H.O.S.T' who verify, capture and note all activity within the property. Ralph was given a look around its extensive rooms during the daylight hours or what remanined of them. In fact the conservatory with its coral wall fountain began to make them all shiver

ghosts doxford ralph keeton

The presence of a man could be found lurking around the grand staircase and infact reports from past students talked of sightings up and down the stairs. Ralph immeadiatly picked up on the ouija board sessions, witchcraft and activities that went on on the lower floors. Ralph also informed them of a missing part of the home "almost another property and a buried body" (note here Ralph named the body and person involved) to which the owner said "That's all correct but nobody knows this" but before Ralph could answer back a room door suddenly slammed shut. Ralph raced off to another room to explain "They'll visit us and they don't like me, I'm too nosey for them" at which Ralph laughed "they're snobs".

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During the course of one vigil voices were clearly heard by all within the room. At another Ralph walked away from a corridor to hear a childish voice call out. Upon turning round the distinct image of a little girl could be seen. Ralph spun round to see if anyone else could see the girl and was astonished to look at everyone mouth opened and looking toward the little girl. For nearly 10 minutes the little girl danced, waved and seemed to understand as the group talked. Ralph then felt a heavy presence entering the atmosphere. Within a few moments the little girl was led away by another taller female, to just dissapper into the darkness. Immeadiatly releasing the group, who for the next half an hour couldn't quite understand what they had just seen.

Ralph's prophecy it came true

ralph keeton doxford

At the Headquarters during tea, Ralph made a remarkable prophecy " I know you'll see something....twice. You'll get direct contact and they'll play with us" Ralph did note that we'd experience very unusual activity and we all should be carrying torch's.

It was a cold night and the property has no heating and in fact the only electricity available was for the sophisticated alarm system. Here are the events in brief;

  1. Voices heard from lower rooms, whilst everyone upstairs
  2. Dark shadows noticed in rooms already darkened
  3. Little girl witnessed by 6 people at once, responding to a wave
  4. A taller lady appeared to take awaythe little girl
  5. Girlish screams, bangs and the words "Help me"
  6. See through doors, yet the doors were closed and recorded in two seperate areas (same time noted)
  7. Ralph explains presence and said wait for the wind - gust appears and goes (night not windy in hall all doors closed)
  8. Ralph also explains 'She' is going to lower the temperature - immeadiatly went down by 8 degrees in one area felt by whole group
  9. Ralph gives name of man occupying home to recieve sudden thud and capturing of ghostly person moving accross room
  10. Ghostly lights accross stairs and sparkle lights drift down as all stand in main reception area
  11. Everyone witness door opening and a person leave (at first everyone thought it was a group member, a head count revealed no one missing)

That was only a brief account of the 12 hour night investigation with Ralph looking after everyone in the group. " The good thing about this group is they are not believers, questioning everything and they witnessed it all. Some of the group have personal accounts of the night that match other's accounts, even though they were in different parts of the 200 bed home"

another visit planned

sunderland doxford ralph keeton

It must be said Ralph had explained this investigation needed to be completed over a few visits to verify the results and to check out some of the events happening here. Ralph went on to say "This property would fit well into any horror movie, with its grounds, lakes, gardens and ghostly home. Even the crypt thats here I need to find, mainly to help rescue some souls in torment!"

On a lighter note whilst sitting in one room a gentleman, his girlfriend and sister arrived as visitors (friends of the owner). Ralph did a reading for the gentleman by bringing forward a spiritual friend who'd help him by talking about fighting. "He even punched me to get his to get attention. I started talking about fights, pictures, left arm and travelling, ecetera." It turned out the gentleman alive in front of Ralph had unknowlingly brought his spiritual mentor forward who'd passed away a year ago. This mentor had taught him how to Box and had died before seeing him reach his prize fights. This gentleman was infact one of the Olympic Team who'd just got a medal and had wanted his mentor to know. "I told him he was there at the fight and saw him win the medal. I was totally shocked, mind you so was he, I got a big hug from a giant of a man! That was scarey I thought he was going to punch me"

It is planned to go back to the home to talk further with the spirit energies....

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